Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

1. How is the student body selected?

Prospective parents need to call the school to set up a meeting with the director. This meeting takes two to three hours. The parents will receive a thorough understanding of the program, observe all the classes, and have their questions answered. In effect, the parent body is selected rather than the student body.
2. Why does the school interview the parents instead of the children?

At Desert View, we believe that parents are the best indicators of how children will learn and behave. Also, we trust that parents know their children well and will share all pertinent information. Our presumption is that parents will choose Desert View if it resonates with the values of their family, and if it is a good fit for their child. Since Desert View starts at kindergarten, we assume the responsibility of teaching the young child in partnership with the parents. We take the academic, social and creative growth of each child very seriously.
3. What is the parent body like?

The parents at Desert View are chosen because they support the philosophy of the school. They are committed to the academic excellence of their children. Furthermore, they wish to be involved in their child's education. Being a part of a small school has also provided many opportunities for friendships with like-minded parents.
4. How do students from Desert View transition to other schools?

This is a very important question. Since Desert View goes up to fourth grade it is crucial that our students do well when they transition to the next school. Most students go to other private or parochial schools, and some go to their local public school or to charter schools. We stay in touch with our alumni and find that they are thriving in their new schools. Desert View uses teaching practices that ensure future success. Our students take their academics seriously and see themselves as competent learners. They are self-assured and able to advocate for themselves. They are also aware of social justice issues and will speak out when they encounter injustice.
5. Do you offer financial assistance?

Yes, Desert View has a need-based financial assistance program.
6. When do I set up an appointment?

It is advisable to call the school to set up an appointment to visit the school in the fall. The admission process is usually completed by early spring.
7. Is there a cost associated with the admission process?

No, there is no cost to visit the school or apply to the school.

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